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Lloni Smache
assalam semua

Nettle's Musings
Empty nest
Today my daughter moved to Surrey, B.C. Initially for four months, she has two jobs, renting an apartment, and a few of friends are going to visit her while she is there. If while staying there, she decides to stay, she will come back, pick up the rest of her things and move back. There are opportunities in her field of work there. TV shows and movies are filmed in that area. She has skills like lighting and camera work. But Vancouver is a very expensive place to live so I'm not sure she could afford it. The last couple of days I have been dreading saying goodbye to her. We are very close, partly due to our stays in hospital together when she had her surgeries for her Perthes. We managed to say our goodbyes without breaking down in public. I know she is nervous now the time has come. Moving out and on her own. I also know that she would always leave home one day, but right now... my heart is breaking.

Contra a Ilusão
Ponto por ponto 25
As bebidas alcoólicas têm uma longa tradição de tolerância na cultura popular. A maconha não. A cachaça e a cerveja fazem parte dos nossos costumes. A maconha não. Por isso, é possível impedir o consumo em massa da maconha com medidas legais, mas é impossível impedir o consumo em massa da cachaça com medidas legais. Legalizar a maconha provocará o consumo em massa da maconha, e isso por sua vez causará muitos males à sociedade. Podemos impedir esses males mantendo a maconha ilegal. Não podemos impedir os males que as bebidas alcoólicas causam à sociedade tornando as bebidas alcoólicas ilegais. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Daí, alguém pode dizer: "mas então o povo é hipócrita, tolerando o cachaceiro e perseguindo o maconheiro". Responder o que a isso? Verdade, o povo é hipócrita, sim, nisso e em muitas coisas. E quem governa um povo deve considerar os defeitos do povo enquanto governar. Quem governa deve, portanto, considerar a hipocrisia do povo ao tomar umas... (more)

ajale sunflora
blablu blí
esta es otra entry para mantener vivo los blog

Sastra Welang
Video Klip Keberangkat
an - Risma Putri

Video Perdana Erik Lehnsherr Arts diluncurkan Dalam proses panjang di jalur seni, akhirnya Teater Sastra Welang meluncurkan divisi terbarunya dalam bidang pembuatan video art bertajuk Erik Lehnsherr Arts. Visi dan misi Erik Lehnsherr Arts memperkenalkan karya – karya sastra puisi dalam bentuk video klip yang dirasa memiliki jangkauan lebih luas untuk sampai kepada publik. Dengan mengadopsi gaya yang bernafas teaterikal dari kostum dan tata rias, Erik Lehnsherr Art menggarap lagu perdana berjudul Keberangkatan yang dinyanyikan oleh Risma Putri, diambil dari album musikalisasi puisi Teater Sastra Welang yang baru baru ini diluncurkan, Instalasi Bulan dan Matahari. Lagu ini merupakan puisi yang ditulis oleh pegiat teater Moch Satrio Welang, dan diaransemen indah oleh musisi Heri Windi Anggara. Risma Putri sebagai penyanyi membawakan lagu ini dengan kharakter suaranya yang khas wanita Jawa. Tampil dalam balutan busana karya perancang Aleksander, Risma Putri tampil dalam... (more)

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